The CBAS program is our most extensive, medical program offered to frail adults who are at risk for  admission to skilled nursing facilities or full time care at home. Patients must be over 18 years of age and have chronic, debilitating medical, cognitive or behavioral conditions.

The program includes the services of nursing, social work, activities and may include the full complement of professional consultants listed below who work together to develop an individualized care plan to maximize the patient’s health and well- being.


Medical and Nursing Services – ongoing monitoring and care by a registered nurse who works you’re your physician to ensure continuity of care.


Social Service – group and individual counseling as well as case management with referrals to community services as needed.


Mental health services – individual and group provided by both psychologists and counselors.


Occupational Therapy – help to maintain function of activities of daily life.


Physical therapy – to maintain a level of fitness appropriate to better health.


Speech therapy  - as needed to improve communication and swallowing skills.


Nutritional services – to ensure proper food habits and weight control.


Pharmaceutical consults – help with medication management.


Transportation and meals are provided along with activities at the center.


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The funding for this program is covered by insurers who offer CBAS benefits to their enrollee's and is available by referral from those physicians who contract with them. Currently IEHP and Molina enrollee's may be eligible at no cost to them. For those patients who seek these services but do not have a CBAS benefit, this service is available at a cost per day not less than that which is paid by the insurer.


The Neuro Vitality Center is licensed by the State of California and subject to the rules and regulations that that entails. However, the organization is devoted to person centered and promises to provide the highest quality care, support, education and research that is available to those in need. Whenever possible, support will be found for those in need of financial help.