Our comprehensive, person-centered care, tailored to each individual, demands expertise and experience across a wide range of disciplines. Our dedicated staff and our therapeutic partners work together to help patients heal, build confidence, regain lost skills and join with others in support and socialization. Specific disciplines include:

Exercise Therapists with advanced rehabilitation training to assist all our patients regain mobility and relearn physical tasks, such as walking, cycling and maintaining balance.


Speech Therapists to help improve language skills and the ability to swallow; as well as compensatory tools to address thinking and memory issues.


Rehabilitation Therapists who work to assist our patients relearn fine motor skills skills for daily living, such as tying shoelaces, cooking and organizational tasks.


Recreational Therapists to lead with skills training and socialization activities –e.g. arts/crafts, brain-training, chair yoga, memory games, writing, musical entertainment and dance.


Music Therapists who offer classes in voice therapy based on music, speech and creative drama.


Boxing Training Coaches who work one-on-one with our Parkinson’s patients to strengthen their confidence, balance and coordination, and to reclaim their dignity,


A Massage Therapist, licensed to offer full-body or spot massage to patients, caregivers and their families.


Professional Chefs to prepare and cook the nourishing daily lunch program, with a focus on heart-healthy diet.


Support Group Facilitators: who lead support groups for patient and caregivers to assist them in the challenges they face every day.