Those who are looking for protective supervision, activities to keep engaged, socialization and exercise may be eligible for the specialty care programs. Stimulation, education, counseling along with physical activities offer the opportunity to stay engaged and strive for improvement of functions that interfere with the activities of daily living.


Programs are specifically designed to help those who are diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s/Dementia or with other chronic illnesses that need special care on a long term basis. This offers a level of social care that is not otherwise available to provide the opportunity for growth for the patient and respite for the families and caregivers.


Care plans will be developed according to individual needs and each patient will be monitored and guided to stretch one’s capabilities to maximize abilities.  All services are delivered in a safe and secure environment surrounding each of you with friendship and caring.


This is a fee for service program starting at $55 per day. Additional fees may be needed dependent upon particular care requirements. Fee schedules will be discussed in full upon evaluations of each individual patient. Included in the fee will be a daily meal. Transportation may be arranged to and from the Center as well dependent upon need and independence of the patient.  Some of these costs may be covered by long term care plans.


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The Neuro Vitality Center is licensed by the State of California and subject to the rules and regulations that that entails. However, the organization is devoted to person centered and promises to provide the highest quality care, support, education and research that is available to those in need. Whenever possible, support will be found for those in need of financial help. 


To become a member of the Neuro Vitality Center family or to get further information

– whether as a patient, caregiver, family member, physician, volunteer or donor – please contact us

by phone at 760-323-7676 or e-mail at info@neurovitalitycenter.org