September 2017: NFL Players and Brain Injuries

Published earlier this summer was the news that brain injuries were found in 99% of the brains donated by NFL players, 21% of high school players and 21% of college football players. This clearly indicates that further study and monitoring or injury should have a high priority in all football programs for all ages. 


July 14, 2017: TBI and Dementia: Link or no link?

A study by Finnish researchers comparing medical notes of working-age individuals under the age of 65 with mild or moderate to severe TBI who had developed dementia, Parkinson’s disease or ALS. They found the incidence of dementia in moderate to severe TBI patients was similar to that found in the general population. Since dementia occurs primarily in the elderly, this means that TBI shifts the risk from old age to working age. Data in this study was only available for TBI patients who had been admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of neurodegenerative symptoms possibly missing other patients. A study in Taiwan concurs with the Finnish study but numerous other studies have not been able to establish cause and effect which means there could be other biological mechanisms involved causing neurodegeneration.

Most studies agree that there is a need for long-term monitoring for TBI patients, especially those who have experienced moderate or severe TBI. There is also a call for more accurate diagnostic criteria that would allow physicians to spot the onset of TBI-associated neurodegeneration earlier. 


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