july 2019 Blog

For all of you who have opened the web site, I’m sure you noticed some changes to the home page. Rather than our Stroke, TBI and Other categories we have new and different categories of services that are aimed at a whole new group of chronic disease sufferers. Starting this summer, we will add many services to our traditional mix for rehabilitation and recovery.


Building on our expertise in Stroke and TBI, we expand to add medical case management and treatment to the services we now offer for those who qualify under the State waiver program for Medi/Medi patients who have converted to programs with IEHP and Molina. These patients will receive nursing care, social work analysis and advice along with our activities and appropriate exercise. They will work with a professional team to put together care plans to maximize their well-being and to keep them busy working on good health.


For those who are not covered under the Medi/Medi plan, we will offer a program of specialty day care designed to improve health and wellness offering comprehensive services and activities customized for each individual. This program is offered on a fee for service basis and will be open to all those who need that little extra care on a day to day basis. For those who would like the medical program, it will be available at a slightly higher cost per day.

And of course, we will continue our stroke/TBI and Parkinson’s rehabilitation programs including boxing and music therapy.


All of this will be available as we open our doors to more and more valley residents in need.

Please give us a call for more information. We are here to help you and your family now and into the future building a new and even bigger Neuro Vitality Family.