The end of June and the beginning of July mark the end of our fiscal year and the start of a new year here at the Center. The summer months in the desert are very hot. Many people who have the means and are not responsible for those who don’t, leave for cooler climes not to return until the cool days of the late fall – October or November. Being among those who gladly hold ourselves responsible for others who do stay here, we are open all summer and keep a full complement of classes and programs. Like every place here in the desert, things are not as crowded, driving is easier and there are fewer folks waiting in line at Sherman’s. (for those of you who are not locals, Sherman’s is a very popular deli here in Palm Springs) .What does that mean to us? Remember that we rely on volunteers to staff our shop, to run our programs, help with food service and to with exercise therapy. That very lack of crowded spaces means we have fewer volunteers to help us.


Let’s discuss volunteering for a moment. Are you one that believes we have a moral duty to help others? That if we can, we must give to whatever level we are able? Volunteerism is giving of your time to help others without receiving monetary reward for those efforts. We can justify this from a moral standpoint or, if that does not appeal, you can justify it from a purely selfish point of view. Studies have shown volunteers live longer, are happier and receive more in terms of satisfaction than they give. So regardless of whether you seek moral sainthood or just want to enjoy your life more – volunteer sometime in the service of others and reap the benefits.


We have yet to see studies that indicate donating money has the same benefit but perhaps we should start a study to see if that would hold true. We have however seen a great deal of satisfaction among those who have worked hard with us to bring in money to help our patients. There are many ways to give. You needn’t limit yourselves to one way only….we all have something we are able to contribute. Find your niche and enjoy. It may be hot outside, but it is cool in here and we continue to need your help.