remembering nedda

Summers continue to inch its way toward cooler days - although with desert temperatures in the 110+ range, the heat seems endless. We admire the tenacity and determination it takes for so many of our patients to get here to the center daily. Many have to wait for the 40-minute window that the SunDial door-to-door handicapped bus service that brings them and picks them up. Once on board, the buses are nice and cool but even so – each patient gets my vote for courage and strength.


And talking about that, we lost a long time member of our family this last week, Nedda Ocean. Nedda had been with us for 15 years most recently just showing us sporadically to play BINGO but prior to that, here on a daily basis. Nedda suffered from hemiparalysis and aphasia having had a stroke over 30 years ago. She lived at home with her husband John who brought her to the Center and picked her up every day. Following John’s death, she moved to be aided by her kids but, we did see her from time to time and were always greeted with the same giggles and smiles that Nedda was famous for.


She was able to help herself to her morning breakfast and coffee, attend the classes she wished and spend time with friends daily here playing cards, BINGO and doing crafts. Nedda always smiled and laughed even while occasionally expressing her frustration with the one four letter word she could pronounce. Her singing repertoire was limited but I always looked forward to hearing her sing "Happy Birthday" to me at this time of the year.


She was an inspiration to those around her and living proof of the value of a positive attitude.  Thanks to her family for sharing Nedda with us. We will miss her.