AUGUST 2019 Blog​


Many of us  know how difficult change is when you are not confronted with neurological and physical challenges and even more so with those challenges. But there are times that no matter how hard you try, things just have to change. The good news is that changes to our physical location are just about done – we are lacking a beautiful shade structure for our new seating/conversation area in the back garden. (It is on the way but delayed a bit in the permitting process at Palm Springs City Hall so they tell me). Additionally, the landscaping is a work in progress which will be done very soon and then we will have a big celebration and dedication for the “new” Center for Neuro Vitality.  Look for that when it gets a bit cooler and more people return to the valley in the fall.


It’s amazing how well people have fared during the construction: figuring out how to get in, where the activities and classes are, finding their therapists and counselors and – this was a big thing – finding a bathroom that worked. Bravo everyone. I salute you.


Our next steps in our plan will be to admit many new folks who need our help. We will be offering medical and social help in addition to the physical and emotional support we have provided for so many years. Will things be the same? No…. they will be even better. There will be more people to make friends with, there will be more activities to choose from and there will be more therapists and assistants to help out.

 Volunteers are still very welcome. There will be even more opportunities to help than there were in the past so give Sarah a call and see if there isn’t something that you want to help with. Nothing better than having the opportunity to help. You will love the new look of the place and will see that there are lots of places just waiting for your help particularly if you know a little data entry….and who doesn’t these days.

Stay tuned – we will do our best to keep everyone up to date.