never give up

We just returned from a meeting of Senior Center leaders here in Eastern Riverside County.  We were discussing issues facing them in providing services in a time when they are seeing changes in the community of aging. One thing that was very evident is that the very definition of “senior” has changed over the past few years as more “boomers” age and extend the boundaries on aging. Listening to how the newly minted seniors are changing aging begs the question: is this also effecting chronic disorders and disease management and if so how are we meeting those challenges.


We at Neuro Vitality Center are meeting that challenge head on. We no longer accept the victim mentality of the past – our patients are not victims of strokes but rather survivors. To maximize our recovery or to enhance our wellbeing regardless of the challenges that confront us daily, it is critical that we see ourselves first as a person who can gain control and thrive while facing whatever is thrown in our path. It is here at the Center that we join with others to help overcome the obstacles, regain control and become a whole and functioning person again. The steps down that road are what we are here to assist with bringing people together and guiding them forward to confidence, self-assurance and good health. No one will tell any of you it is easy -  but it is achievable. With friends, a support community and the tools to aid you, you will achieve.


Never give up!