December 2018 NVC Blog Post

As we start the last month of 2018, we look back on our calendar year with sadness for all the good friends we have lost. At the same time we are grateful for the time we all spent together, for the friendships that were forged and for the on-going anchor of the Neuro Vitality Center that brings so many together offering life and hope to those in need and giving so many a purpose and a spirit that does not exist anywhere else. If you missed our Facebook live broadcast on Giving Tuesday, visit our Facebook page and watch the videos. It once more confirms how important what we do is to the participants, the families, the volunteers and the staff. Our unique patient care philosophy, our attention to each of our patients and our genuine caring is so evident and exudes throughout the filming as it does each day here at the Center.

That said, this also comes with a great responsibility to make sure we are able to bring these services to as many people as we are can regardless of their ability to pay.  But even more that that – we must ask the question if there are people who would benefit from being with us who we are not serving?  Are there ways that we can serve people who are not coming here now that need our help? Are there services we need to offer that can better help our populations? All of these are questions that we must answer going forward. And all these questions need to be answered with the boundaries in mind of not what can we afford to do but rather, how do we afford to do more? We have creatively produced these services for 41 years, let’s figure out how to do even better for the next 41 years.