The Guardian

Study from the Netherlands projects that 48% of women and 36% of men aged 45 are likely to be diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s or have a stroke. These are the three most common neurological diseases in the elderly population. While there is a great deal of focus on heart disease and cancer in middle age, there is less attention and research on diseases of the brain. Focus on preventive interventions at the population level could substantially reduce the burden of these common neurological diseases in the aging population. They estimate that if the onset of dementia were delayed by one to three years, the remaining risk of developing the conditions could be cut by 20% among 45 year olds and more that 50% in those over 85.

The best current evidence suggests eating a balanced diet, controlling our weight, staying active, not smoking, moderate drinking and control of blood pressure and cholesterol will lead to better brain health in the elderly.