NOVEMBER 2019 ​Blog

 Halloween just sneaked up on us and here we go into the holiday seasons. Thanksgiving is barely a bump in the road to Christmas and New Year’s and we start right in to 2020. Wow. Does anyone else feel like we just did this? 2019 has been a year of big changes here at the Center both physically in the facility, changes in the staff, changes in the Board and changes in the volunteers. Many of you have seen friends come and go, lost your beloved Thrift Shop, could barely find your way around as rooms closed and opened for flooring, painting, rebuilding.


But, watching all of you, I have been so impressed with each of your ability to go with what the new day brings. I look to each of you who are here with us at NVC, each of you who have gone through massive change in your own life, your situation, your very agency and I commend your strength, your tenacity and your ability to keep going no matter the obstacles thrown in your path. What is a little construction, a little confusion, a little change to each of you? Just another day.


We have done all of the redesign and increased staffing to be able to grow and expand our help to many more of those adults in the Valley who have no other place to go to gain the support and the help to enjoy and thrive every day. With chronic disease, disabilities and cognitive decline our friends and our neighbors will be joining us to work at improving their lot in life and achieving a level of control and enjoyment that keeps them from being isolated, depressed and lacking enjoyment of life.


You all are the role models, the guides and it is all of you that will bring what the Center stands for and what the Center offers to all of those who seek our help. 2020 will continue our changes and you all will form the foundation that provides the spirit and the joy to all who come to us for help.