For Auld Lang Syne my friends, for time gone by…….each of our folks here can recall the exact moment of their stroke, of their injury or the moment a diagnosis of Parkinson’s or some other neurological disorder was delivered to them. Awakening to a new reality, the burden of a chronic disease, is a life changing event for you, for your family, for your loved ones. Even though your experience is unique, you are not the first, nor are you the only person going through the changes, the challenges and facing new mountains to climb and rivers to cross.

No matter where you live, seek out help for your new journey. Even though there is not a Neuro Vitality Center in every town, there are organizations that offer pieces of what we do – physical therapies, occupational therapies, counseling, group activities. There are various types of organizations from Senior Centers to Community Centers to Adult Day Care Centers to PACE programs and even some home programs for those who are unable to get outside the house. There are organizations to help the disabled and the chronically ill providing transportation and socialization bringing you together with others to help share your experiences, challenges and mostly explore your way forward. Research your local services through your regional Office on Aging or with your local Hospital – social work department is the best place to start.

So tip a cup of kindness for the times gone by and let’s look forward to 2019 – a new year and a new beginning for us to thrive in our new life making the most of every day.

We here at the Neuro Vitality Center wish you and families a Happy New Year and especially thank all of you who join us here every day and make our lives so fulfilling.