April Blog 2020

It is difficult to believe that is a year since we closed our fun filled thrift shop and started our massive change to become a certified CBAS and Adult Day Care provider. The process has been very long and drawn out and we were admitting our first patients to these new programs as early as February and looking forward to seeing many more in the ensuing month. And then, as you all know, our city issued a shelter in place order on March 15th. This was extended to the State very quickly the following day.


While we are considered to be an essential service, due to safety considerations, many of you chose to remain at home and we agreed that that was the best way to handle this crisis. Most of our peer centers throughout the state followed along very quickly and as of last week center services have been suspended for all providers.


We want everyone to know that we are working with the State and with our insurance providers to try to come up with alternative services and help that we can give to each of you who need us while we comply with the emergency policies that are in place to lessen the potential catastrophic results of the COVID-19 spread. Our region is high risk due to our population trending older than many places in California and of the many who have chronic problems that put us at even higher risk. We want to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our friends from the spread of this disease by doing all we can to mitigate the danger and to put an end to the risk.


With all that in mind, we are seeking guidance from the Department of Aging to tell us what kind of services we can provide and what they might look like. We are search for alternative ways to keep in touch with all of you and to keep you working on getting better. This could include some exercise, maybe lunch, some activities – does anyone know how to do group BINGO on the net?

Please stay safe, practice social distancing as best you can and wash your hands frequently remembering to try not to touch your face. We hope to see you all soon - if not in person  - via facetime, duo, zoom, ring central or some other audio and video share app. If you have any questions, please call anytime.