Neuro Vitality Center is offering access to our VIRTUAL CENTER to all of you who are sheltering in place because of your chronic illness, your age or your disability. Now you will be able to take part in group activities including exercise, yoga, group discussions, individually needed therapies and, if you wish, a home delivered lunch. Every day will offer opportunities to join with your peers, meet new people and participate in competitions, sing-a-longs, educational programs and many other programs.



For those of you who have IEHP, Molina or Kaiser MediCal insurance coverage, we will offer medical treatment and needed therapies along with the group activities and home delivered meals. For those of you who do not, we will offer a full menu of group activities, some special exercise groups and a home delivered meal. Give us a call to put together a program specific to your wants, needs and financial situation. 



We have to stay home for our safety and the safety of those around us – let’s make sure we make the best of this and join together to help each other through this terrible time.



We are at 760-323-7676 every day Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 3:30 pm.

Look forward to talking with you and having you join us in fighting this pandemic together.