We are definitely late getting our blog and our calendars posted this month but we want everyone to know it is not because we haven’t been working for you. We are trying to do all we can to make this time valuable and facilitate some positivity out of what is arguably, the most negative time we have seen. No one discounts how hard it is to self-isolate, to stay at home, particularly with no end in sight.


Especially for those of you who are used to coming over to the Center, working out, visiting with your friends, having lunch, enjoying activities and doing all those things we have always taken for granted. Well, no longer. Now we know how precious those things are and we will never take them for granted again.


I wish I could say that this will all be over next week or next month, but while I am tracking all the information I can and am meeting weekly with representatives from the State, we really have no idea when it will be safe for us to all get together in -person and return to our prior life. But what can I say?


First, I want you all to know that we are here for you. We are at the end of the phone, we are on-line with ZOOM, we are able to meet with you individually if you need extra help. We will make sure that the Center stays ready to reopen at a moment’s notice as soon as the State and we both feel it is safe and secure for each of you and for us as well. We are committed to giving you what services we can on-line and will provide tablets and instruction on how to participate.

We will present a full schedule of activities for each of you to join in and see your friends as well as challenge your brains and your bodies. We will send a lunch home for you if you need or want it. (Menus and Activities calendars are on the web site.) Please let us help you to get through this pandemic, let us help you to keep active and let us help you to keep working on getting better. We are able to do group activities, individual therapies for Speech and for exercise  - the more of you who want o join in the better.


We may not see you in person but we are still here working for you everyday. Give us a little time and maybe we will even come up with some parties…..you know we are good at that.