August blog 2020

​When we look back on this spring and summer, I wonder what will stand out in our memories. I have been working here for 15 years. There have been hundreds of people who have come in our doors, who have joined in our programs, who have made friends and become part of the Stroke Recovery Center/ Neuro Vitality Center family.


There have been many folks both clients and staff who have come and gone but always at the core, there has always been the reason that we are here. We must never give up. No matter how hard things seem to be – and they have been very hard for many of you – there is always hope for better days ahead. We have to keep reaching for tomorrow whether it is in the gym, challenging our brain power, learning new ways to do things or just enjoying a conversation with a friend.


Who ever would have predicted that we would fall victim to a pandemic but isn’t it just the same thing we have been dealing with? We are not victims when we are at the center and we will not be victims now – we are survivors. In the months we have not been allowed to have folks here at the center in person, you have learned how to use your phones, your computers, your tablets and keep working on your health, join with friends in group activities, work with Nancy, with Anne, with Bootsie and with Elsa to keep yourself engaged and active. For those of you doing speech therapy you work with Mike, with Sandra doing your exercises and continuing to make progress. Stand back a bit and congratulate yourself. You have overcome the isolation by embracing new technologies and have stood up to this virus and are winning.


I don’t know when we will be able to put all this behind us but we can be proud of the spirit and the tenacity. We are not victims, we will never be victims – we are survivors . Bring it on – we can handle it.