October 2020 Blog

​As our temporary alternative services drag on and on we can only hope that we are learning from this horrible catastrophe that has been put upon us. It will be long after we are gone that historians will slice and dice what we have done, what we have done right and what we have done wrong. But we know, as all the twelve step programs say, we cannot control the events around us, we can only control our reaction to them.


What are we doing here at the Center? Well, we brought in a new team who are dedicated to virtual services, who are making sure our clients are fed, are engaged and are getting help and encouragement to keep thriving even though home bound. We ae working daily to try to make sure you are taking care of yourselves, that you are exercising your body and your brain and that you are eating right.  We want every one to be safe and to never forget that we are in this together. You may not know Jay, Nancy, Sylvia and Anne very well just yet but you will get to know them as well as you know me, Bootsie, Brandon and Fredo. This team is every bit a dedicated to making sure that you are the best that you can be every day. Even though the faces change, the spirit stays the same and all of that good energy gets channeled into being healthy, being well and being active in mind and body.


We are in touch with the State and the county every week to keep up to date on how the pandemic affects us but as yet, we do not have guidance for when we can visit you in person or, more importantly, you can visit us. We do recognize that we are in the highest risk group but we also recognize and try our best to impart to those who are in charge of these things, the damage that is done from isolation and depression to say nothing of having nothing else to do but eat – How many of you have gained unneeded weight? – It just proves we are better  together than we are apart no matter our differences.


Please join us as best you can on-line. That connection is of critical importance to your health and to you well being. We will continue to stay well, to be better and to thrive but we will only do it by forming a net to support each of us on our bad days and to relish in our good days.


Check out what is happening on the activities - let us know if you want lunch – but mostly just keep in touch with us and your friends here at the NVC.