A couple of years ago we made a decision based on research into the treatment of neurological disorders. We decided that our style, methods and philosophy of care practiced for many years here at the then Stroke Recovery Center would be of value in helping those who suffer from other chronic issues of the brain and the nervous system. We opened our arms to bring in more people who had diagnosis that fell on the neuro spectrum and have started new programs for Parkinson’s, MS and other related disorders. We amended our name to the Neuro Vitality Center to signal the inclusion we want to promote to all those who might benefit from our programs.


The success of the new programs has been remarkable. The difference we make is visible in the steps, the smiles, the voices of those we serve. Working with each person, building on their strengths, giving them the dignity and the respect they deserve and providing the tools to help regain confidence and agency makes all the difference.


Our next step has to be to expand our services even further in neurological care. We are carefully researching the most current treatments and philosophies of care and believe that we can make a difference for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia by introducing them into our person centered environment, listening to each patient and working in the same comprehensive manner we have to help so many that have come through our doors.  There are a number of things that will have to happen before we are able to do our best for this population – changes to the physical plant and our wonderful garden that will be occurring in the next few months.


For those of you who follow the monthly news synopsis that we offer on this site, we will add Alzheimer’s and Dementia at the end of March so you can start to monitor new treatments and current thinking about these problems. Treatment and care are changing with the gathering of more and more information and we hope to be a part of the development of new and more effective modalities to ease the burden of these problems. We are seeking help to make our dreams a reality – we are asking for those who can help us to lend their names to the garden, to the building , to the treatment rooms or just be a part of the stream of donors who flow through our hallways and doors.  Learn more as we announce the new plans and show you more on the web site and on our facebook page.


The next generation of help will be even better here at the Neuro Vitality Center. 

neuro vitality center