Today is the last day of our month here at the Center and the last day for a number of friends and services we have welcomed as part of our family here.

Our Jackie Lee’s Thrift Shop has been a large part of the center for many years. It is volunteer managed and run with minimal management oversite. We have prided ourselves on honoring Mrs. Houston, Jackie Lee’s , name by keeping the merchandise high quality, clean and fresh just as she had always demanded when she would visit us and donate her clothing, shoes and jewelry.But, as we know having lost both the Houston’s, nothing stays the same and we move on to new challenges and new horizons.

However, it is important not to forget the pillars that have supported us and made us what we are today. Jackie Lee’s thrift shop will continue under the stewardship of Angel View reopening in a bigger and better way in early May just down the street.

We celebrate this partnership of two great charities both committed to services for the disabled.

We hope that many of our volunteers will continue to help at the new store and that the fine reputation will live on as a great legacy to the Center. Special thanks to all the volunteers, many who have been with us as much as 18 years. Your devotion and caring has made working with you a pleasure and your contribution has been enormous. Let us only hope our paths will cross again as we all are devoted to caring for those who need our help.