May Blog 2019​

As the summer approaches we say good bye to many of our friends who head for cooler parts of the world to escape the desert heat. As we do every year, we hope that they will return to join us again next year, that they will be well over the summer and that next year will be better than this.


When many of our friend return next fall, it will be to a new center with many new services and new people to welcome into the family and new staff members to get to know. We will have expanded our beautiful garden and have even more spots to sit and enjoy conversations or to grow fresh herbs and veggies – did you see those tomatoes this year? Wow.


But no matter the cosmetic upgrades and the physical changes, the Center will be the same place we have come to expect after all these years. It will be your place to develop friendships, to be treated with respect, to be assisted in getting better and interacting with other adults who understand and care about you. We will always focus on you, your needs and strive help you enjoy your life to the fullest.


While we see and hear so much tumult and chaos around us, this will remain a safe and comfortable space that fosters caring and friendship so we can help each other make our way through this difficult world. It is only by allowing ourselves the benefit of friendship and caring for each other that we are able to lower the barriers that keep us from accepting what we cannot change but working hard to affect those things we can change. And doing it together……………that is the secret. Let’s tell everyone – share the news.