June 2019 BLOG​



As we get nearer to making major moves to accommodate more people who need our help in our Center, we can’t help but cling to a little nostalgia. A charity with a 40-year history of providing free care, a safe environment of caring, a home for those who are abandoned to struggle with their disabilities on their own or without burdening their family is taking a major step in a new direction. We hope to advance the care given to our patients, providing more medical and social service support than ever before.  While our current program has been focused on rehabilitation, our new programs will focus on coping skills and bringing joy to life while bringing the same determination to other ailments we have supported in stroke recovery. The principals we believe it – never give up, never give in…..are watchwords for everyone whatever ailment  or ailments they are battling. And battling we are..


As we learn more and more about the problems involving memory loss and dementia, it will be interesting to discover if the principles we have adhered to will prove to be effective in helping those who are seeing the decline of their cognitive skills not related to Stroke or PD or tumors. In our world, we want to have pill to take to fix the problem, but so far there is not one in sight. The opportunity we have is great since we will be bringing together a group of people, offering a unique environment, a rehabilitation attitude, and will be able to measure outcomes. We will then be able to compare these outcomes to other types of programs that exist in other areas to determine the efficacy of our programs and hopefully, influence the long term care of those with dementia is a positive way. We have been unable to do this with stroke/TBI because we were and are the only organization of its kind in the country and therefore have had no comparison group. All of our comparisons have been to societal norms and therefore the results have been soft. It is exciting to us to venture forward on this new track with the goal in mind to make a difference – a measurable difference.


As we get closer to a grand reopening, watch this space for updates. We will provide details of services available, new hours and introduce new staff as we grow and expand. More to come…….