As the New Year rolls in, we look forward to a year that opens our doors even wider to bring hope and help to more and more people. It is our goal this year to expand our numbers to at least 100 Parkinson’s sufferers and 50-100 new patients with other neurological problems that will benefit from our style of therapy and assistance. We are advertising, we are being very active on facebook and Instagram, our website is being sought by many seeking help and we are bringing more and more people to the center to visit and enjoy.

Our boxing program starts in earnest on the January 2nd and we look forward to welcoming a whole new group pf patients who will love the workout, enjoy the socialization and benefit from the intensive exercise this program offers. Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00Am and 11:00Am – call for an appointment, we will evaluate and assign you to a group that will best meet your individual need. So if you have been recently diagnosed or are a longer term Parkinson’s patient, we can help.


Look ahead to our new help for those with chronic illness in counselling. We are starting a TBI support group working with patients from DRMC as well as our group at the Center. Additionally, we will be developing counselling services both individual and group to work extensively on depression and anxiety that often goes hand in hand with chronic disease. Stay tuned for programs and times as we bring these services to the center.  


We wish all a Happy New Year and thank all those who support our work here at the Center. Your donated dollars go directly to patient care helping your friends, your neighbors, your family and many people who would struggle on their own without this wonderful place to call home.


Click on our News section for the latest in research and advances in treatment and care, One issue we have been asked about this month that has not yet been written about in detail involves a recent run of commercials for a drug countering hallucination in people with Parkinson’s. Our research so far indicates that this is a very rare occurrence and in most cases is attributable to medications. If this is a problem for you or your loved one, please see your Doctor to determine if you need your meds adjusted.