comprehensive Services improve lives 

We believe in exercise. Exercise for the body, for the mind for the voice and for the spirit are all part of what we do here at the Neuro Vitality Center. Our success is measured by how well each of the areas of a person’s recovery are blended together to support a productive and rewarding life. And it is important to note that no one area takes precedence over another.


Just Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy or Counselling done in a singular manner, while beneficial, does not have the same impact as a comprehensive program. One of the barriers to coping with a chronic disorder is the marginalization that occurs when someone is ill, handicapped or impaired in some manner. With marginalization comes isolation which may often be followed by depression and/or anxiety. Studies on aging have identified isolation and lack of social support networks as one of the factors lessening quality and even longevity of life.


Validation for the success of the programs comes anecdotally from our counselors who have found themselves not dealing with the level of problems they expected to find but rather are seeing a more upbeat and positive patient population than they expected. We are testing our current patient population using depression scales and find the level of depression is far below the averages reported for those suffering with chronic disorders. We are initiating the depression scale into our evaluation procedure.


As the data comes in, we will be interested to see if we find a higher level of depression among those who have yet to attend and take advantage of our services from those who have been with us a while. We are planning to offer both individual and group counselling for those in need to make psychological health on a par with physical health.


March is "National MS month" and we plan to expand our MS services. We want to be able to provide medical, physical and psycho-social service to those in need of extra help. As the program develops, we will keep you informed.