never give up...never give in...

We have said many times that every stroke is different, that every recovery is different, that improvement takes time and repetition and we are finding the same holds true with chronic disorders that we see.  That said, it is so rewarding when things work the way they are supposed to and the way we hope they will. We often say we see miracles every day. We hear someone express a coherent and complete sentence, we see someone riding a bike after a number of years in a wheelchair, we see strides where before there were shuffles and we celebrate each of those for the triumphs they are.


The programs we provide are all evidence based and designed to be therapeutic. This week one of our Parkinson’s patients who is in our boxing program reported his doctor is so impressed with his improvement, she is lowering his meds and wants to meet with us to refer more patients. This is how it is supposed to work – what we talk about and what we tell others will happen – and it does.


Another story from this week – this time not at the Center but rather at a presentation we made at one of the local condominium development HOA parties. One of the Board members approached me with her story from just two weeks prior. She and her husband were getting ready for breakfast and she noticed some overall weakness, her speech started to garble and her husband, thinking FAST got her in the car and off to the local ER.


Our Local hospitals are all Comprehensive Stroke Centers who understand and treat Stroke quickly and appropriately. She was identified as a stroke patient, sent immediately for thrombectomy, the clot removed and she is demonstrating no deficits, home and back to normal life. The quick action, the access to the best treatment and otherwise good health of this women have made her a textbook case of what is supposed to happen – so gratifying to experience.


From early warning to continued treatment, never giving up and never giving in – we can’t emphasize enough the importance of the Center, your participation and your thriving for a better day tomorrow. It can happen – it does happen.