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 NEURO VITALITY CENTER Is dedicated to helping older folks who just need an extra hand because of chronic illness or disability. Years of success stories have proven that we have the know-how and the abilities to make your life better no matter how severe your problems, how difficult your situation.


We are expanding our treatment to meet the needs of our aging population so that more people may benefit from the positive environment and continuing care that is given everyone in need.


What are your options?


We have a number of different tracks that you can follow based on your issues, your insurance, and your individual needs:


 Community Based Adult Services (CBAS): Our Medical program is designed for the frailest among you who need that extra help in activities of daily living, managing medications and taking care of themselves.


Specialty Day Services: Our social program is designed for those of you who have difficulty managing your days, may have memory problems, may be experiencing coping problems with aging, with health issues or with loneliness and need extra support and help.


Rehabilitation Programs, our rehabilitation program offers help to those who are disabled from stroke, TBI and PD.

There are specialty programs like Song Shine Music Therapy and Boxing that offer extra help and fun for treatment.


Meals are part of the day and part of all the programs – enjoy a meal with your friends.


Call us today. We can discuss your situation and see if the Neuro Vitality Center will work for you.