our History

The Neuro Vitality Center has a long history in Palm Springs, California. Opening as the Stroke Activity Center in 1976, as an adjunct to Dr. Irving Hirshleifer’s practice, the center was the first of its kind to offer free services to stroke survivors and their families. Dr. Hirshleifer believed that the medical community gave up too soon on those who had had strokes. So with the help of a few of his friends, enough money was raised to provide programs and therapies to continue the process of recovery. Moving to the larger facility on Alejo Road allowed the Center to expand and grow to accommodate more patients and expand the programs combining physical and behavioral medicines with social activities and some good old fashioned fun.


Following the death of founder Dr. Hirshleifer, the Center renamed the Stroke Recovery Center evolved to become a valued member of the provision of stroke and traumatic brain injury care in the Valley. Building on the proven expertise, the center has expanded care models to treat Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders. The renamed Neuro Vitality Center offers a full spectrum of programs to support both patients and their families.​

Organizational Research – Patient Data

In 2007, research efforts were led to launch The Organization Health Initiative Project. This project was designed to test the validity of the services of the center as an effective component in the continuing care (the continuum of care) for stroke victims. The project methodology gathered data of measurable factors for chronic stroke treatment from the existing patient base and compared data to stroke victims who have limited access to rehabilitative programs.


The hypothesis tested was that stroke victims who participated in services at the center are less a financial burden on the health and social service budgets than those who do not access like services. Data presented over a three year period supported that hypothesis.


Long Term Rehabilitation for Stroke and TBI: Building a Community

In 2011, Long Term Rehabilitation for Stroke and TBI: Building a Community was published to showcase the center as a best-practice model of care for disabled patients. The book presents a model for care of stroke and TBI patients based on the philosophy of care for the whole person used at the Center and presents plans to encourage funding from various sources to replicate the efforts to the benefit of the patients and medical community as a whole.


At the NEURO VITALITY CENTER (NVC), our dedicated team will ensure that specially designed programs for other neurological challenges operate with the same degree of effectiveness and caring that is has been our signature for Stroke and TBI survivors for over 35 years. We will utilize our expertise to bring the rich community experience to patients and families of those who need help …bringing survivors together.


New Vision: The NEURO VITALITY CENTER (NVC) is committed to specific evidence based programs and therapies that reconnect people to a vital, engaging, and positive life expanding our vision beyond stroke and TBI to neuro disorders that may value from continued therapies.

Everything you admire and support at the Stroke Recovery Center will still be found here….plus a lot more.


Stay tuned for more developments as we grow and expand.