The program is absolutely fabulous...physically and psychologically…confidence, balance, optimism…I feel all around better…my doctor is delighted.”

- John B., Parkinson’s Patient



Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a long-term, chronic, degenerative disease affecting the productions of dopamine in the brain – a chemical that controls movement and coordination. The decrease in the amount of dopamine produced leaves the person with the inability to control movement normally and results in the tremors so often associated with PD. Typically a disease of those over 60, a small percentage of Parkinson’s sufferers, 4%, are diagnosed before reaching 50 years of age.  Of those diagnosed, 85% suffer from classic idiopathic (unknown cause) Parkinson’s. An unfortunate 15% may suffer from one the atypical variants which are more serious and less treatable: MSA – multiple system atrophy; PSP – progressive supranuclear palsy; and CBD-corticobasal degeneration; for further information, please click HERE>



Motor signs of Parkinson’s include tremors, slowness and stiffness. At the early stage of the disease, about 70% of people experience slight tremors in the hand or foot of one side of the body usually appearing when the person’s muscles are relaxed. This is referred to as “resting tremor”. Bradykinesia or slow movement describes the reduction of spontaneous movement which may give the appearance of stillness and/or facial expressiveness. This may affect speech as well as movement. Rigidity or stiffness causes inflexibility of the limbs, neck and trunk and postural instability resulting in a tendency to be to stoop, shuffle and be unstable when standing. Other motor symptoms that may be associated are freezing gait – often temporary - writing problems, and swallowing issues. Non-motor symptoms may include behavioral issues along with memory and slowed thinking. 



PD has proven responsive to a number of clinical treatments and patients should be under the care of a qualified neurologist. However, there are numerous studies that have shown the benefits of exercise and counseling to the management of the condition, and it is where we come in, to help the patients and their families.




Using our 40 years of expertise and experience in the treatment of chronic neurological conditions, we have developed a range of signature programs that target PD lifestyle challenges specifically, including:


“PEDALING OUT PARKINSON’S” – Forced exercise, in our main gym, using motorized Theracycles, which studies have shown will reduce PD symptoms; for further benefits information please click



“PUNCHING OUT PARKINSON’S”  – We have constructed a boxing training gym where our patients receive noncontact coaching from our dedicated instructors one-on one, so that the level of training can be carefully matched to the capability level of each patient – the benefits are remarkable in not only opening up greater balance and strength, but also in re-instilling confidence and dignity; for further benefits information, please click



SINGING OUT PARKINSON’S” – later this year, we will be starting up our SongShine offering - an immersive music program that strengthens voices – addressing the issue of a diminished voice due to PD, aging and other neurological conditions; for further benefits information, please click       


Feedback suggests that our PD program is greatly improving the lives of our patients - especially in terms of confidence, mobility, stability, strength and speech.



Regularly Scheduled

Therapeutic activities

Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 3:30pm

* One-on-one, noncontact, boxing training with dedicated instructors to strengthen muscles, reduce rigidity, improve balance and more: PUNCHING OUT PARKINSON’S

* Individual and group exercise therapy using specialized equipment –e.g. Theracycles that reduce PD symptoms and improve motor control: PEDALING OUT PARKINSON’S

* Individual and group speech therapy and singing - featuring our SongShine partnership: “SINGING OUT PARKINSON’S”

* Massage therapy with a licensed masseuse in a private, relaxing environment

* Lunch program, emphasizing nutritious foods

* Support groups for patients and caregivers

* Case management by our PD interdisciplinary team


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