The basis for the Neuro Vitality Center is our proven service model to build upon our success in stroke and expand treatment to those who suffer from other neurological disorders. At its heart is the philosophy of care that focuses on the patient at the Center while bringing professionals together to provide therapeutic programs needed by the patient to gain control and confidence.


Our service model focuses on the integration of therapeutic modalities of exercise, speech, light occupational, recreational therapies, nutrition and peer support, with treatment plans to encourage independence and control over any deficits experienced while living with a chronic neurological condition. Now is our opportunity to build on existing best practices, supplement missing clinical services and implement programs with key collaborative partners at the Center. 


Our focus on the whole person offers customized treatments in three categories.


Physical Medicine: exercise therapy and speech therapy


Behavioral Medicine: memory, reading, comprehension, writing, depression, counseling


Environmental Factors: educational – knowledge is power/control; social – fun is part of healing; emotional support – isolation is harmful


Our philosophy of care is notable for several reasons: most fundamentally, the model recognizes the need for structured long-term care, further, the model delivers such care through means that mitigate some of the ancillary suffering brought on by neurological conditions (isolation, shame). Secondly, by serving as viable tertiary prevention, the model also ultimately costs less. So for less money, patients’ quality of life improves, while suffering linked to relapses or re-hospitalization diminishes.


Our commitment is to provide innovative, specialized, comprehensive care to treat, support and rehabilitate adults living with the effects of Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury or conditions of Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease. So whether you or your family member is searching for education, care, group support or research, you can look first to the Neuro Vitality Center. Your long-term rehabilitative care begins here.