july 2019 Blog

For all of you who have opened the web site, I’m sure you noticed some changes to the home page. Rather than our Stroke, TBI and Other categories we have new and different categories of services that are aimed at a whole new group of chronic disease sufferers. Starting this summer, we will add many services to our traditional mix for rehabilitation and recovery. Building on our expertise in Stroke and TBI, we expand to add medical case management and treatment to the services we now offer for those who qualify under the State waiver program for Medi/Medi patients who have converted to programs with IEHP and Molina. These patients will receive nursing care, social work analysis and advice along with our activities and appropriate exercise. They will work with a professional team to put together care plans to maximize their well-being and to keep them busy working on good health. For those who are not covered under the Medi/Medi plan, we will offer a program of specialty day care designed to improve health and wellness offering comprehensive services and activities customized for each individual. This program is offered on a fee for service basis and will be open to all those who need that little extra care on a day to day basis. For those who would like the medical program, it will be available at a slightly higher cost per day.And of course, we will continue our stroke/TBI and Parkinson’s rehabilitation programs including boxing and music therapy. All of this will be available as we open our doors to more and more valley residents in need.Please give us a call for more information. We are here to help you and your family now and into the future building a new and even bigger Neuro Vitality Family.​

June 2019 BLOG​

MAY BLOG As we get nearer to making major moves to accommodate more people who need our help in our Center, we can’t help but cling to a little nostalgia. A charity with a 40-year history of providing free care, a safe environment of caring, a home for those who are abandoned to struggle with their disabilities on their own or without burdening their family is taking a major step in a new direction. We hope to advance the care given to our patients, providing more medical and social service support than ever before.  While our current program has been focused on rehabilitation, our new programs will focus on coping skills and bringing joy to life while bringing the same determination to other ailments we have supported in stroke recovery. The principals we believe it – never give up, never give in…..are watchwords for everyone whatever ailment  or ailments they are battling. And battling we are.. As we learn more and more about the problems involving memory loss and dementia, it will be interesting to discover if the principles we have adhered to will prove to be effective in helping those who are seeing the decline of their cognitive skills not related to Stroke or PD or tumors. In our world, we want to have pill to take to fix the problem, but so far there is not one in sight. The opportunity we have is great since we will be bringing together a group of people, offering a unique environment, a rehabilitation attitude, and will be able to measure outcomes. We will then be able to compare these outcomes to other types of programs that exist in other areas to determine the efficacy of our programs and hopefully, influence the long term care of those with dementia is a positive way. We have been unable to do this with stroke/TBI because we were and are the only organization of its kind in the country and therefore have had no comparison group. All of our comparisons have been to societal norms and therefore the results have been soft. It is exciting to us to venture forward on this new track with the goal in mind to make a difference – a measurable difference. As we get closer to a grand reopening, watch this space for updates. We will provide details of services available, new hours and introduce new staff as we grow and expand. More to come…….​

May Blog 2019​

As the summer approaches we say good bye to many of our friends who head for cooler parts of the world to escape the desert heat. As we do every year, we hope that they will return to join us again next year, that they will be well over the summer and that next year will be better than this. When many of our friend return next fall, it will be to a new center with many new services and new people to welcome into the family and new staff members to get to know. We will have expanded our beautiful garden and have even more spots to sit and enjoy conversations or to grow fresh herbs and veggies – did you see those tomatoes this year? Wow. But no matter the cosmetic upgrades and the physical changes, the Center will be the same place we have come to expect after all these years. It will be your place to develop friendships, to be treated with respect, to be assisted in getting better and interacting with other adults who understand and care about you. We will always focus on you, your needs and strive help you enjoy your life to the fullest. While we see and hear so much tumult and chaos around us, this will remain a safe and comfortable space that fosters caring and friendship so we can help each other make our way through this difficult world. It is only by allowing ourselves the benefit of friendship and caring for each other that we are able to lower the barriers that keep us from accepting what we cannot change but working hard to affect those things we can change. And doing it together……………that is the secret. Let’s tell everyone – share the news.​


Today is the last day of our month here at the Center and the last day for a number of friends and services we have welcomed as part of our family here.Our Jackie Lee’s Thrift Shop has been a large part of the center for many years. It is volunteer managed and run with minimal management oversite. We have prided ourselves on honoring Mrs. Houston, Jackie Lee’s , name by keeping the merchandise high quality, clean and fresh just as she had always demanded when she would visit us and donate her clothing, shoes and jewelry.But, as we know having lost both the Houston’s, nothing stays the same and we move on to new challenges and new horizons.However, it is important not to forget the pillars that have supported us and made us what we are today. Jackie Lee’s thrift shop will continue under the stewardship of Angel View reopening in a bigger and better way in early May just down the street.We celebrate this partnership of two great charities both committed to services for the disabled.We hope that many of our volunteers will continue to help at the new store and that the fine reputation will live on as a great legacy to the Center. Special thanks to all the volunteers, many who have been with us as much as 18 years. Your devotion and caring has made working with you a pleasure and your contribution has been enormous. Let us only hope our paths will cross again as we all are devoted to caring for those who need our help.​


For any of you who follow this blog, you have noted that we are a few days late in getting this posted.The reason is that I have been fulfilling caregiver responsibilities for the past week for my spouse who had a second hip replacement surgery. I bring this up only because whenever I have to interact with the healthcare system on a personal basis, it only magnifies the frustration and the dismay I feel for each of you who have serious and chronic problems and have to deal with this very broken system on a much more regular basis that do I. Serving as an advocate and on many days as a facilitator for those you who are patients here at NVC, has opened my eyes to the difficulty, the basic inequities, and the inhumanity that is built into our system. Dealing with it on a personal basis only confirms my frustration. While I have to commend some of the segments of care  - there was a warm and caring surgical nurse, a terrific CRNA who took time and really paid attention to her patient, a MA who listened – but by far the most of the “care team” where much more concerned with filling out paper work and treating the disease/problem rather than treating the person. It is very easy to understand how and why so many errors occur when the emphasis is on process and not on the goal itself. How have we gotten to this point? Yes, the paper work is onerous, the repetition is a foolish waste of time and something that a portable medical record would fix – how about having the patient carry the record from one provider to the next and sign off on the transfers? How about taking into account the patient in some of the scheduling? It is our job to care for people but it seems we have forgotten that “people” are individuals, each with their own personalities, needs and wants. In our rush to protect ourselves from law suits, our rush to bill as much as we can, and perhaps even our rush to make sure we are able to disassociate ourselves from our fellow person’s suffering, have we turned our system of care into a mechanized, inhumane process. At the Neuro Vitality Center we are committed to each person who comes through our door – patient, caregiver, friend or family. Each person has value and worth and must be treated with the dignity they deserve. Expect this from us. Maybe someday you will be able to expect it from other providers. It is what we hope for each of you.​